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green sunflower photography backdrop

How to choose the right backdrop for your photos?

Though it might not be downright obvious at the start, choosing the right backdrop for the hotoshoot is crucial for the overall mood and quality of the pictures. The thing is we often tend to overlook the background, especially when it’s just a plain piece of cloth. However, if the canvas happens to be poor quality or not matching the direction of a shoot, people often have a problem pinpointing what’s really wrong with the image. But how to actually create a correct scenography for a portrait?

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rolled linen canvas used for photography backdrop

Types of canvases used as hand-painted photography backdrops

A photo studio where you cannot find a backdrop is not the studio. This is one version of a saying that is popular in the photography world and it is hard to disagree with. No matter what type of background is used in the studio, it is the basic equipment, essential for photographer’s work. Many who start their photographic adventure often focus on buying very expensive equipment, forgetting about such an important task, as the right choice of background. The number of available materials on the market is enormous. This article will focus on hand painted canvas backdrops, those made of linen, cotton and a mixture of both fabrics.

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