What are your backdrop made of?

We use premium cotton and linen  canvas and professional acrilic paints.

There are wide spectrum of variants in case of grammry of used canvas: since 280g/m2 to 500g/m2 before priming and painting. You can find grammary of the canvas in the description of the product.

As a primer we use gesso  covered canvas at least twice.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, please send an e-mail to office@primebackdrops.com or use or contact form in „Contact Us” section

How do I care for my backdrop?

Our canvases are stored and shipped rolled on cardboard pipe. When not in use, it is highly recommended to keep your canvas rolled or hanging.

Our backdrops are hand-painted and one of a kind. Backdrops are acrylic painted canvas. Water, sharp objects and abrasive material coming in contact with the drops will damage them. Please do not use staples.

All backdrops rolled onto a cardboard tube MUST NOT be folded!

Hard creases can be difficult to get out of the canvas; however, if you find that you have a few, you can remove them with one of two methods: a handheld steamer on the non-painted side while it’s hanging, or by using a clothes iron.

To use the clothes iron method: lay your canvas on the floor, paint side down-only on carpet or a rug. Use a clean clothes iron on the cotton setting, with steam if possible.

Both steamer and iron method do not guarantee that creases will be fixed, that is why you must take care of your backdrop to be in good condition. Keep in mind that you receive a backdrop free of creases. If you make one it will not be a reason to make a complaint.

When you use iron try to choose a “cotton” setting on the iron, but do not leave it sitting on one area on the canvas for too long. Pressing (or ironing) the canvas on a flat surface makes it easier to get wrinkles out. Always keep the iron moving, slowly, over the wrinkle or crease. Make sure you do not over steam or expose it to too much heat or moisture. That can cause shrinking in that specific spot, which can make your backdrop permanently “wonky”.

Remember to store your backdrop rolled, away from excessive heat and humidity, and if you need to remove wrinkles, use an iron or a handheld steamer.

Do not allow clients, models, or assistants to drag shoes, stools, apple boxes or grip across your canvas. If you have a dark coloured canvas, these are especially prone to visible marks and scratches.

If you see a scratch, try dabbing it with a clean, damp washcloth and see if that helps reduce the appearance of the scratch.

It’s also a good idea to keep a lint roller on hand. Especially for the darker coloured canvases.

Backdrop Size

Depending on the mill the canvas comes from, there may be a slight variation in width. For example, canvas marked as 200cm wide in the shop may come to you as 205 or 202, or in rare cases, 195 cm wide backdrop.

All backdrops are sold based on nominal size. Each one is rounded up or down to the nearest whole dozen.

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